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TESTntel is an all-in-one technology specialist in the compliance field in Aotearoa New Zealand. We use innovative software and applications to both streamline and optimize asset and facilities management for our clients to make their business safer and more efficient.

Our smart solutions create a link between your physical assets and our digital infrastructure. By connecting your physical assets to the digital world, you can effectively automate asset and facilities management processes and streamline your health and safety compliance procedures.
In addition to that, TESTntel provides a wide range of independent compliance verification services throughout Aotearoa:
  • Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment Testing (EVSE)
  • Medical Equipment Performance Verification, AED Inspections and First Aid Maintenance & Planning
  • Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys
  • AS/NZS 3760:2022 Portable Electrical Appliance Testing - Test and Tag
  • NZS 4503:2005 Hand-Operated Fire Fighting Equipment Testing
Learn more about how our team operates here.


Throughout nearly two decades we have been working on developing and improving our own systems such as our own Portal, Job Card, Timesheet, and QR Code Apps. After all those years of investment and experience, we are now thrilled to start offering to other businesses our new services and products such as TELtag, Secure Tag, and QR Code App memberships. 

These are high-tech services that will connect your physical assets to the digital world and therefore effectively automate, streamline and optimize your facility management processes in your organization. Our main goal now is to provide intelligent and revolutionary digital asset compliance solutions to all businesses in New Zealand & Australia.

We're on a mission to become the first software company in Aotearoa to have 100 service vehicles on the field.

High-Tech Systems

We carefully match our staff with your compliance requirements. All of our technicians are registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) and receive continuous external and in-house training. 
Our field staff has an average tenure of 5+ years with great knowledge of the standards and high expertise of our internal software and systems. We employ a wide range of Electrical Service Technicians, Electricians, Thermographers,  Registered Electrical Inspectors and Medical Technicians.

We do not have franchisees or contractors as all of our field staff is employed and trained by TESTntel. This means you’re guaranteed to get quality workmanship and service with one point of call. This also ensures that anywhere across the country you will receive the same level of process and services. Therefore, ensuring consistency in the delivery of your compliance programs.

With over 20+ years of combined experience between our Digital Team, you can expect world-class results in UX design, web and mobile application development for your next asset management solution.

Expert Staff

TESTntel values its clients and works towards forming meaningful and lasting relationships that are built on transparency and integrity. We're proud to share we have many customers going strong with us for over a decade. 

These relationships were built by people for people and enabled us to constantly improve and extend our services throughout the years. The secret to our relationship-building formula is that we understand the importance of listening to our customer's needs and we have always worked to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Like in any relationship you must be flexible and this is another advantage you'll find when hiring our services. We're always happy to accommodate - be it with our Field or Digital Services. Aside from our normal business hours (Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm), we can also carry out inspections during the weekends and out of hours too.  Our Digital team can view, review and produce tailored solutions for your compliance needs.

Relationship Building

Expert Staff
High Tech Systems
All-In-One Circle
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