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Our Field Services

Our team of professionals comprises Electricians, Thermographers, Registered Electrical Inspectors, Medical Technicians, and over 70 Electrical Service Technicians around Aotearoa. With over 17 years of experience in the health and safety compliance field, you can rest assured that your site will be carefully inspected by the best.

We do not have franchisees or contractors as all of our staff is employed and trained by TESTntel. This means you're guaranteed to get quality workmanship, consistency, and service with one point of call. All of our staff receive internal and external training and are licensed with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). Through the use of our TESTntel System, we ensure everything is recorded in real-time and tracked by GPS for a 100% transparent service, every time.

Learn more about our services below:

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Electrical testing and tagging is a process by which an electrical portable appliance is inspected and tested for electrical safety under the Joint Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3760:2022 (In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment). The testing intervals of appliances are set out in the AS/NZS 3760:2022 Testing Interval Timetable. 

Service Disclaimer here.

Electrical Testing and Tagging
Electrical Testing and Tagging
Test & Tag


We have taken testing and tagging to the next level with our QR Code System. Now you can have a photographic inventory, editing capabilities, and an online asset database too.

Learn more about our QR Code System  or go to

TESTntel QR Code System
TESTntel QR Code System


Our Cash Sale services are fast, reliable and a more cost-effective option if you just have a handful of electrical appliances to be inspected.  


We have workshops in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington enabling you to bring your items to us to have them inspected. Please note that this service is by appointment only.

Contact our staff to get your appliances tested:


0800 837 8824

+64 9 903 3656

For more information click here.

TESTntel Cash Sale
TESTntel Cash Sale
Training Course
Cash Sale


Electrical thermal imaging is a non-invasive test method that is used to detect temperature differences in electrical installations, therefore showing the warmer objects against cooler backgrounds. When electrical components begin to deteriorate they tend to generate excess heat, which is emitted in the form of infrared radiation. Excessive heat can create failures in your electrical system and can also end up in electrical fires.


During the inspection, an infrared camera is used to detect the temperature differences within the electrical system. Once the images are done, a thermal pattern can be analysed and calculated to determine the temperature and severity of hotspots. Therefore, the electrical thermal imaging inspection is important because it reduces the risk of fires and failures in your distribution boards, meter rooms, and data centers. By having an early detection you will keep your business in good health.

TESTntel Power board Thermal Image
TESTntel Power board Thermal Image


With the fast-growing electric vehicle supply equipment in New Zealand, you can count on us to have your Electric Vehicle Supply inspected by one of our Electrical Inspectors.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 states that all equipment in the workplace must be safe to use. Therefore, if your company owns an Electric Vehicle (EV) we recommend you to have your electric car charger assessed by one of our experienced Electrical Inspectors. Your charging unit is assessed through physical, functional, and electrical measurements.  Upon the completion of your EVSE inspection, our Thermal Scheduler will send you an email with a link that contains all your (pass and/or fails) reports, therefore giving you permanent access to them.

The report(s) will advise if the item(s) satisfies or does not satisfy the requirements of “Electric Vehicle Charging Safety Guidelines”. The periodic assessment of EVSE items is done yearly and you decide if you would like to set up your EVSE inspection as a one-off or as ongoing scheduled maintenance.

TESTntel Electric Car Charging Inspection
TESTntel Electric Car Charging Inspection
Electric Vehicle


We test fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets in accordance with NZS 4503:2005 (New Zealand Standard for Hand Operated Fire-Fighting Equipment). Our testing is done through our TESTntel System which captures all details including location, time, date of inspection, equipment details, test results, and even tracks the GPS location.

Every year our Senior Electrical Service Technicians take part in a fire extinguisher course provided by a reputable company to gain knowledge in the operation of the several types of fire extinguishers and the different classes of fire.

We also photograph faulty appliances and store this to validate the corrective action required. We immediately replace faulty or inappropriate extinguishers, signage, blankets and hose reels upon request. Additionally, we are able to discard expired fire extinguishers with a modest additional cost.

We can inspect fire extinguishers located in buildings, vehicles, and even boats. By having your fire equipment regularly inspected you ensure that you and your staff have the appropriate tools in case of a fire emergency. All of our inspections are followed by a detailed report that can be sent to you upon request. Our Scheduled Maintenance Reminder system ensures that you are in control of your next fire inspection appointment.

TESTntel Fire Extinguisher Testing
TESTntel Fire Extinguisher Testing


AS/NZS 3551:2012 (Management Program for Medical Equipment Standard) outlines the procedures required to develop maintenance and management programs for medical equipment.

Our TESTntel System incorporates AS/NZS 3551:2012 verification standards in our testing parameters when checking your medical devices. This involves testing according to the original equipment manufacturer's requirement. In addition to that, the TESTntel System enables these detail checks to be carried out on all mainstream medical devices in the marketplace. 

TESTntel can also provide an annual load test for compliance with Standard AS-ISO-10535 for patient lifting hoists. This is done in conjunction with the annual mechanical service and performance verification checks. 


An electronic report is generated at the time of the testing with key information such as location, appliance description, test results and recommendation for the faulty equipment. Failed devices that require repair, calibration, or maintenance will be emailed to the Property Manager/Facility Manager, supplier, or maintenance provider including photographs, date, time, and corrective action. You can ask for a demonstration of our TESTntel system and have confidence in the services being provided with transparency and assurance.

TESTntel Medical Equipment Testing
Orange and Black Gyms Back to Business L


All Automated External Defibrillators should be tested yearly or bi-yearly. TESTntel has the test equipment and can perform all the required checks on all mainstream AED equipment in the marketplace.

To ensure that all checks will be carried out, the TESTntel software has now been set up for AED testing. This will give you confidence that your AED is ready for use in an emergency. Our trained technicians are able to install, inspect, replace batteries and provide your site with essential AED equipment.


We are proud to be working with St John to deliver an AED inspection service for all St John AED customers. To take the worry out of owning an AED, TESTntel will provide nationally coordinated and managed onsite inspections that include the physical inspection of your AED, checking that pads & batteries haven’t expired, and replacing them if they have. Inspections will occur bi-annually and you will be reminded of the next inspection date by one of our friendly TESTntel Customer Service Team.

If you would like to purchase an AED, we recommend Phillips HeartStart HS1 or HeartStart FRx which can be found at

AED Testing
First Aid


First Aid Kits are a must-have item in any workplace so that you can treat any minor juries that may happen at any time or help you respond to an emergency situation as you wait for professional medical help.

Our Electrical Service Technicians are able to provide first aid kit maintenance & planning throughout New Zealand.


Red Cross is our official partner in providing you the best and most complete range of first aid kits in the market. Together we offer a wide range of first aid kits that are suitable for your office, home, vehicle, or boat.

Our team of developers is currently working on an exciting project on how to streamline your first aid kit maintenance and planning. Watch this space for more innovation. 

TESTntel First Aid Kit
TESTntel First Aid Kit
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